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A History of the Eastern Nations


On The Caravan

Manfred Weaver the Younger – caravan passenger
Manfred Weaver the Elder – crotchety caravan passenger
Liah – cynical trail guide
Gerard Zelngarth – guard captain for the caravan


Iseth Demar – the vast Eladrin lands, now mostly empty
Mountains of the Sky – northern part of the north-south range roughly bordering Demar
Red Mountains – southern part of the same range
The Dread Ocean – The vast ocean to the west of the known world
The Northwest Trail – the established route which the wagon train is taking
Kindlewood – the wagon train’s destination town, on the shores of the Quiet Sea
The Quiet Sea – large body of water at the northwestern end of Demar
First Step – first town founded past the Warding
Highkeep – abandoned Eladrin citadel in the Mountains of the Sky
The Glittering Place – a mysterious location!


The Wagon Train – all about the caravan
The Warding – The defunct Eladrin magical barrier


Wood Elves – traditional and reclusive elves
High Elves – scholarly and arcane elves
Gnomes – clever magical folk from the far north
Dwarves – steadfast and caste-conscious mountain folk
Halflings – smaller, more cheerful, more wily
Humans – they’re everywhere!
Dragonborn – proud descendants of Dragons and their old empire
Tieflings – descendants of those tainted by devilish bargains
Orcs and Goblins – temperamental and often dangerous
Eladrin – ancient, powerful, mysterious, and very absent
Dragons – reclusive magical reptiles


Ethen Fosdhal, the Deep Forest
Ethen Masia, the High Forest
The Draconic Confederation of Zvezdeln
The Kingdom of Irvaun
The Fourth Republic of CantellaƱo
The Odlund Thaneholds
Zan Kargach, the Halls Beneath
Voluc Marad, the Mountain Holdings
The Orcish Nations
The Draconic Empire of Zvezdeln

Powers and Deities

The Ocean Lord
The Lady of Death
The Devils – nefarious bargainers from beyond

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